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A Sunday Family Affair

At my household, Sundays are a hectic time for meal preparation. After leaving our place of worship, my husband and I usually don’t have time to cook Sunday lunch. Therefore, we’ve started a Sunday family tradition. We travel to a local restaurant that serves an extensive buffet on this day of the week. Some of the eatery’s weekly offerings include roast beef, turkey, fried chicken, ham, butter beans, mashed potatoes, homemade dressing, macaroni and cheese, and too many other items to remember. In addition to meats, vegetables, breads, and salads, patrons can help themselves to delectable desserts as well. After eating this monumental feast, my husband and I don’t usually get hungry for the rest of the day. On this blog, you will learn the advantages of visiting a favorite restaurant with your family on Sundays. Enjoy!

9 Different Styles Of Pizza Crust To Try Out

There is no doubt that pizza is one of the most popular meals in the United States, with millions of pizzas eaten at restaurants, delivered, and popped in the oven at home. When it comes to pizza though, have you actually tried all the different types of crust out there? Here are nine different pizza crust styles that are popular around the country and across the globe that you should try.

Pizza Crust Style #1: Neapolitan Pizza

First up is the classic thin-crust style Neapolitan pizza, named after the area of Italy, Naples, where this crust style came from. A real Neapolitan pizza crust is made with hand-kneaded dough, has to be very thin, especially in the middle, and is baked in a domed wood-fired oven. This pizza style creates a nice, crispy crust that is often paired with Margherita toppings.

Pizza Crust Style #2: New York-Style Pizza

Second, another thin crust pizza is the New York-style pizza. New York-style pizza is known for being crispy on the edges and really soft in the middle, making it easy to take a huge slice and fold it in half to eat. It is thin, but the focus isn't on crispiness, it is on pliability. It is made with high-gluten bread flour.

Pizza Crust Style #3: St. Louis-Style Pizza

Third, rounding out the thin crust category is St. Louis-style pizza. This style of pizza is all about a crust that is crispy all the way through. The crust is often compared to crackers, and the pizza is generally cut into squares, not wedges like New York-style pizza.

Pizza Crust Style #4: Flatbread

Fourth, there is a flatbread pizza crust, which has emerged over the last few decades. Flatbread crust is usually airy and light and is made in the shape of a rectangle. Sometimes the flatbread is other types of bread, like a pita.

Pizza Crust Style #5: Deep-Dish Pizza

Deep-dish pizza is often called Chicago-style pizza. Deep-dish pizza is usually at least two inches thick and can be thicker. The pizza crust is made nice and thick and is baked in a deep-dish pan that creates a buttery crispy edge. This type of pizza is usually stacked high with toppings and sauce.

Pizza Crust Style #6: Sicilian Pizza

Sixth, another type of Italian pizza that is not talked about as much is Sicilian pizza. Sicilian pizza is usually about an inch thick, so not as thick as a deep-dish pizza, but still a nice thick crust. You can often find Sicilian pizza in the United States in the Midwest. The pizza is often rectangular-shaped instead of circular with a Sicilian-style crust.

Pizza Crust Style #7: Traditional Pan Pizza

Traditional pan pizza is like a happy-medium. It is about half an inch thick and is often enjoyed by people who like thin and thick crusts. It has a battery tasty to it and usually has a chewy center.

Pizza Crust Style #8: Focaccia

Focaccia crust stands out due to the preparation method. Focaccia crust is more of a bready style of pizza, with herbs brushed into the crust. Generally, no sauce is used when preparing a focaccia-style pizza.

Pizza Crust Style #9: Wood-Fire

Wood-fire crusts are different than Neapolitan pizza, which is also cooked in a wood oven. Wood-fire crusts usually have a bit of a smoky taste and a char from being baked in a wood-fired oven.

If you love pizza, make sure you have tried out all the nine different crusts above. Each crust, even when paired with the same or similar toppings, can create a very different pizza experience.

For more information, contact a pizza restaurant in your area.